Maggie Howe ’21 • Hickory, NC


Maggie Howe ’21 • Hickory, NC

Robert M. Figg Scholarship

R. Keith & Melissa G. Sauls Scholarship


What has been one of your favorite experiences here at College of Charleston?

My favorite experience during my time at the College has been performing and studying abroad with the CofC dance department!

What are your plans for after graduation?

I plan to either attend graduate school directly after graduation or go ahead and gain work experience in data analytics depending on the economy postcoronavirus. I will be incorporating dance in my life post grad, hopefully dancing professionally on top of my normal job.

How has your scholarship helped you and what is something you would want your donor to know about you?

Because of the generosity of my donors, I am able to focus on my school work and dancing. I am able to use my extra time to rehearse for dance performances and study accounting. I am so grateful for all that my donors have provided me. Without this scholarship, I could never have attended the College of Charleston being an out of state student from North Carolina.