Mary Britt McDonald ’20 • Steven’s Point, WI


Mary Britt McDonald ’20 • Steven’s Point, WI

Swanson Family Annual Scholarship

Horatio Hughes Scholarship


What has been one of your favorite experiences here at College of Charleston?

Through the International Scholars Program, I had the opportunity to travel to Ghana my freshman year for a Maymester class on development and democracy. With less than ten students, two professors, and a Ghanaian guide, our experience was intimate and immersive. I gained perspective and appreciation for a country I do not think I would have had the confidence to travel to on my own, all the while giving me confidence and cultural sensitivity for future travel endeavors!

What are your plans for after graduation?

I plan to attend medical school with hopes of becoming a pediatric orthopedist. I am motivated to ensure children can resume the activities they love while educating them about caring for their bodies during recovery. There is so much potential for positive patient outcomes in this field!

How has your scholarship helped you and what is something you would want your donor to know about you?

My scholarships have enabled me to focus my time and efforts towards academics, research, volunteer work, and study abroad. These are the experiences that develop my passions, ultimately giving me the tools to pursue my professional goals post-graduation. Knowing there are individuals who support my goals and abilities, also provides me with the confidence to persevere through challenges.