Emily Turner ’23 • Midlothian, VA


Emily Turner ’23 • Midlothian, VA

The Watt Family Scholarship


What has been one of your favorite experiences here at College of Charleston?

Over the course of my first year at the College, I have been able to get involved in more organizations than I could have ever imagined. I am a Charleston Forty Tour Guide and a contributor for CisternYard Media in addition to being an Honors College student. There are a wealth of opportunities for every student at CofC, and I am lucky to have found organizations which support me and my passions.

What are your plans for after graduation?

While I am still only a freshman at CofC, I hope to travel extensively and eventually pursue a career in journalism following graduation.

How has your scholarship helped you and what is something you would want your donor to know about you?

Because of the financial and emotional support I have received from my donors, I am able to pursue courses that genuinely fit my interests, even beyond the general education requirements. I am able to take advantage of everything that the College has to offer, from language classes to physical education classes to astronomy classes, even if I have not chosen to pursue these disciplines as my major. These opportunities for additional learning have allowed me to further my liberal arts education in becoming a well-rounded student and individual.