Ready to Corner the Market

Taylor Crawford ’19 likes a good challenge, and she’s not afraid to take risks if the numbers are on her side. That’s why the Honors College finance and economics double major from Anderson, S.C., traded the slower-paced vibe of the Holy City for the electric energy of the Big Apple.  

After completing an internship last summer with the asset management firm Weiss Multi-Strategy Advisors in New York City, Crawford immediately began searching for entry-level jobs that would allow her to keep growing her investment skills. She landed a position in NYC after graduation as an associate analyst with the international financial services company Moody’s. 

“I just love the complexity of it,” says Crawford of her interest in investing and the stock market. “It gives you the constant opportunity to continue to learn new things – you have to be constantly adapting and evolving to the changing market environment. And that’s something that I find really fascinating and motivating.” 

That is why Crawford thrived as a Market Process Scholar, the multi-year mentoring program through the College’s Center for Public Choice and Market Process. Crawford had the opportunity to visit with business, community and academic leaders around the nation to better understand market issues and speak with some of the leading economic experts. And, during the two years she served as a private equity analyst and then performance analyst with the School of Business’ Investment Society, Crawford got to learn firsthand about the ins and outs of investing in the stock market, as well as in private equities. 

She credits the Lettie Pate Whitehead Scholarship in helping her achieve her goals. “It was an honor to be a recipient of the scholarship throughout my time at the College of Charleston,” she says. “The scholarship helped to alleviate the financial burdens of attending college, which allowed me to invest my time and energy toward focusing on my academics and pursuing opportunities that would allow me to achieve my professional goals. It means a lot to me that the generous donors of this scholarship believed in the students who received the scholarship, therefore I felt encouraged to make the most of my college career.”  – Amanda Kerr