Lucas Moyon ’23 • Rock Hill, SC


Lucas Moyon ’23 • Rock Hill, SC

Economics, physics and astronomy triple major with the Honors College

Charleston Fellow

Market Process Scholar

Colonial Scholar

Pushing the limits and seeing the intersection of things is somethingLucas Moyon loves to do.  

“I realized college would be my last time to do random things without judgement, so I explored a lot of different fields to determine what I want to do,” says the economics, physics and astronomy triple major with the Honors College.  

His first year, the Charleston Fellow and Colonial Scholar applied for an internship with the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond.   

“It was right at the beginning of the pandemic and the intern they selected pulled out, so I got it,” says Moyon. “Ever since, my one unique experience has led to others. It’s my ‘Vibes Theory of Jobs’ — landing a job is 90% vibe and 10% experience.”   

Moyon’s vibe must be off the charts. In addition to being Market Process Scholar and member of the business fraternity Phi Chi Theta – Zeta Phi, he participated in a week-long colloquium in Vermont on Milton Friedman’s Free to Choose and Capitalism is Freedom. He took full advantage of networking with professors, donors and alumni, including presenting to the College of Charleston Foundation Board and participating in a #MaroonMemories fireside chat with Charleston philanthropist Anita Zucker. For his leadership and academic excellence, Moyon received the John Lewis Gervais Jr. Award, the School of Business Schottland Leadership Award and the Fanchon Morrow Condon Outstanding Economics Student Award.   

In July, the native of Rock Hill, South Carolina, will join the Federal Reserve in Washington, D.C., as a research assistant, a job he landed because all his random experiences came together. 

“They want graduates with a more quantitative side for research, so they got really excited about my bachelor’s essay on inflation and my applied physics skills,” says Moyon, who also noted they were wowed by his internship with the U.S. Department of Justice during his junior year.  

Moyon serves as a testament that trying new things and pushing yourself really can open doors.